G-Zone is India's E-Sports platform. We focus on the Indian Online gaming Community to give them proper support so that they can pursue their career in the E-Gaming Fields. The company is on a mission to bring Indians Gaming Community into the mainstream Gaming World where player from different country come together and compete with each other.

Playing with G-Zone you will be earning Game money while playing with us. We will provide you Gaming Tournament where you player from different part of country will participate and will be competing you. Winner of Tournament will be Reward with the Cash prize; also will get the chance to Take part in International Tournament.

The rules for registration are:

We are starting our registrations from 1st July. The registration will be done directly in our app G-Zone.

1. One team can have only 5 people

2. No changes can be made later

3. One player is allowed to play with only one respective team.

4. If a team uses another player except the mentioned substitute, the team will be disqualified directly.

5. Registration payment must be paid through Gpay, Bhim Upi, Paytm Upi.